Why Should I Use a Sitoo Web Template for My First Website?

If you are using the Sitoo Web software to create your first website, you should consider using a template from this software to create your first website. Why? Because it would be a lot easier on you to design and set up. When using a template, basically you just have to fill in the blanks. In this article, I will provide some pluses to using website templates in Sitoo Web. No Struggling to Create a Design One of the things you will find that is difficult when creating your website from scratch is the design. The design of a website can be very stressful and cause a major headache. So, using a template will take the struggling of creating a design away. With a template, the design is already there. You do not have to worry about creating a background, image slots, text slots, etc. However, you can edit the graphics that are in a template. So, you can still add your own touch. Don’t Have to Create All of Your Pages for Your Website Another plus to using a template is most of the pages you will need is created for you. For example, you will probably want an About Me page, Contact Page, and so on. Most of these pages are already made in the templates. Pages that you do not need can either be renamed to something you do need, or removed completely from your website. Don’t Have to Worry About Linking the Pages to the Menus When you select a template, and the pages are already created for you, you do not have to link the menu. The menu that is provided for the template you chose is already linked to the correct pages. In the menu, you will see the different pages. On the left side of your program, you will see a page for each item in the menu. So, your menu and pages are already linked. Have Your Website Up in a Day If you use a template for your website, your site could be up in a day. With a template, you will only have to edit the text, and some of the images if you want. So, therefore, you can have your website up in no time. Editing Template Help If you need help with editing a template you have chose to use, you can see my tutorial on “Editing a Sitoo Web Template to Make it Your Own.” This tutorial will show you how to edit the template, and you can see my tutorial on editing images in a template for more help with the images.