Best Online Ying Yang Tattoo Galleries

You have decided to get a tattoo, and you know you want a Chinese ying yang. Ying Yang represents balance and opposing qualities that are rooted together and transform each other. Some examples are, summer and winter, day and night, male and female and light and dark. Where on the internet can you get ideas for great ying yang tattoos? Listed below are some great internet websites that can give you ideas to help you design your own ying yang tattoo, or professional designs that you can purchase. is an online art community where many artists have their ying yang designs posted, under categories such as photography, traditional art, and digital art. You can browse the art and look for inspiration for your tattoo. There is a search box at the top of the home page, and you can insert “ying yang” or “ying yang tattoo” and you will see hundreds of different examples of ying yang art. is a free tattoo design, gallery, and idea website. There is a database of tattoo designs and pictures you can browse to find inspiration for your tattoo, and admire others’ body art. There is no search box on the homepage, so you need to click on a category of tattoos to see the photos. Once you have clicked on a category, a search box appears in the top left corner of the page. You can then enter “ying yang” to see the pictures of the ying yang tattoos on the site. boasts the “World’s Greatest Collection of Tattoo Designs” that you can purchase for download and print out as a stencil to take to your tattoo artist. You can browse all of the designs for no charge, and make a wish list of designs you like. There is a search box on the top left of the home page where you can type in your tattoo keyword. Enter “ying yang” in this box, and hundreds of different ying yang tattoo designs appear for you to browse. You can get some great inspiration for designing your own tattoo, or even purchase a design from the site if you find the perfect one. When you purchase, you download the original professional design, and the stencil, both of which you should bring with you to your tattoo appointment. is a great site with over a hundred ying yang tattoo ideas that you can purchase and print. On the left of the homepage, there is a list of categories, and ying yang is a category. Just scroll down, click on “ying yang” and it will take you to the ying yang designs. Like Tattoo Johnny, you will download the design and the stencil to take to your tattoo artist.